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Sea freight forwarding

We deal with freight forwarding of containerized, general and bulk cargo and non-standard types of cargo. We realize sea - port operations in multimodal chain, which allows us to provide complex service and to make the freight costs minimal. We also offer freightage, chartering and ship-booking depending on our clients' needs. We maintain cargo import, export and transit service and we supervise the process of loading and unloading at the port and at the destination point.

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Rail freight forwarding

We offer advantageous conditions of forwarding in the classic and in the special type of wagons. Our offer also comprises rail freighting accounting, advising on optimal wagon type choice and transportation logistics. The expansive network of PKP Cargo Service we cooperate with enables us to supervise the whole process of forwarding and consignments' transport in a round-the-clock service.

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Road freight forwarding

We offer a complex cargo service in import, export and transit plus advising on choice of the means of motor transportation. Loading and unloading of cargo, storage and custom service. Depending on individual client's needs we can offer forwarding of standard and non-standard size consignments, monitoring of the transported goods "on the road" and transport costs accounting. Our main feature is a quick and complex service.

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